• Stilt Walkers Melbourne, Wacky Races , Dick Darstardly
  • Stilt Walkers Melbourne, Wacky Races, Dick Darstardly and Penelope Pittstop
  • Stilt Walkers Melbourne, the Wacky Races, Penelope Pittstop

Wacky Races

Haelp!!!!! Haelp!!

Dick Dastardly is at it again
and Penelope Pittstop
will have her work cut out for her
if she wants to win any races this time.

This Whacky duo will keep the drama, as well as the laughs, flowing as they both vie for the chequered flag.

What scheme has Dick got up his sleeve this time?

Will Penelope win the Grand Prix gold trophy?

Or will it be a pit-stop for her?!

Catch this duo in action at your next car racing event.

Stilt Terrific | Wacky Races
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